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Accountancy Week Seminar


        It all started from an idea to create a group that will attend to the needs of accounting teachers, promote their cause, advance their purpose, and advocate a better quality of life for them and a better quality of accounting education for the aspiring CPAs.


) was incorporated with Dean Pascasio Banaria of Far Eastern ACPAE        An idea conceived out of bright minds, a manifesto was passed on May 4, at the Centro Escolar University in Manila, asserting the formation of a group for CPAs in the academe. Thereafter, on February 12, 1973, the Association of CPAs in Education (.1972University – Manila as its first president


           One of the thrusts of this professional organization of accounting educators is the annual holding of the Accounting Teachers Conference (ATC). In 1993, with the combined efforts of Prof. Felisa “Lola” Bertol and Dean Danilo Principe, the then ACPAE President, the first two ATCs were launched at Imus Sports Center in Imus, Cavite and in Cagayan de Oro City. From then on, the ATC has been held in different provinces and cities attracting more and more participants.


          Due to its fast-growing membership, the Association was re-incorporated on September 15, with its new name National Association of CPAs in Education, Inc. (nACPAE). In early 2013, in response to the evolving accounting landscape, went international with the holding of its 21st ATC in Hongkong and in Bao’nACPAEan,nACPAE Transcends.” China with the theme “2011


         In September 2013, nACPAE held the first ever Mid-year ATC at Bohol Tropics in Tagbilaran City. For the 2nd time around, nACPAE went international when it brought to Bangkok, Thailand its 22nd ATC with the theme ‘nACPAE: Advocates Commitment, Transparency for New Opportunities around the World (nACPAE: ACT NOW).


          After two successive ATCs abroad and the 1st Mid-year ATC held in Bohol, the Board of Trustees (BoT) agreed to hold the 2nd Mid-year ATC at the Sunway Putra Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 19-21, 2015 adopting PICPA’s them: “Sharing Success, Beyond Boarders.”


          Following this feat, the 20176-2017 BoT brought the 3rd Mid-year ATC with the theme “Leveling-up the Future of Accounting Educators,” in Singapore on October 24-26, 2016. Peculiar to the 3rd Mid-year ATC is the benchmarking with the leading higher education institution in the ASEAN region learning the best practices in instructions, curricula, and researches of SP Jain School of Global Management, the Singapore Institute of Management University, and the National University of Singapore. Furthermore, research papers of accounting educators were also presented during the 3rd Mid-year ATC.form


            Acknowledging expanding horizons of the Board of Accountancy (BOA) as the overarching theme, the 2016-2017 BoT has been proactive in its initiative of bringing BOA and the nACPAE and the nACPAE BoT in the doorsteps of direct stakeholders (teachers, students, and practitioners) in Luzon (Tuguegarao, Vigan, Urdaneta and Lucena), NCR (Mendiola), and Mindanao (General Santos and Davao) through the “Meet the Examiners and Updates from BoA and nACPAE BoT”project which is also a CPE-unit earning endeavor.



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