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myatic logo 1.jpg

The logo portrays the theme "Thinking Ahead: Accounting Teachers Responding to the Challenges of Industry 4.0 with Integrity and Excellence" through a combination of symbolisms. Firstly, the person in a dynamic pose represents the accounting teachers responding to the challenges that face them. Secondly, the pose resembles a number four (4) along with the technological design in the body and this represents Industry 4.0. Thirdly, the upward arrows above the person represent excellence. Accounting teachers do not settle for mediocrity; quality outputs inspire them as educators. Fourthly, the shadow represents integrity as no one can ever hide from their shadows; they always reflect the true character of a person. Accounting teachers choose to do the right thing at all times, most especially when no one is watching. Lastly, the red semi-circle resembles the red sun in the flag of Japan, the venue of the 5th MYATIC.


The logo was conceptualized and designed by Audrey Jane L. Barraza, a BSA student of DLSU Manila.

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